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A summer of innovation
Source:  LaMonitor
Monday, 29 November 1999 17:00

In this file photo, Hunter McDaniel, CEO and owner of UbiQD, shows U.S. Sen. Tom Udall the technology behind the materials his company manufactures for the agriculture and solar industry.

UbiQD, the Los Alamos Company known for its innovations in agriculture and light tech, has had a very busy summer.
According to its co-founder and CEO Hunter McDaniel, the company has entered into two new partnerships that will increase UbiQD’s influence in the advanced materials field.
UbiQD specializes in making materials designed to utilize light more efficiently.
Some of the company’s main clients are agricultural firms and companies working to make the use of solar energy more efficient, reliable and economically sustainable.
The Solvay Group, an international company that specializes in making environmentally sustainable materials for other companies has partnered with UbiQD.
Solvay, according to a July announcement, will be working with UbiQD to help the company develop UbiQD’s “Ubigro.” technology.
“Ubigro” is UbiQD’s name for the material it makes for greenhouses that is designed to use light more efficiently.
“We are only just beginning to see what Ubigro can do for the greenhouse industry, and this exciting new partnership with Solvay will accelerate deployment of a full-cover solution,” McDaniel said.

Police investigate shooting death in Mora
Source:  Las Vegas Optic
Monday, 29 November 1999 17:00

A gunshot meant for a stray dog instead struck and killed a Mora County man, according to New Mexico State Police.

Couple arrested for stealing MISD handicap van
Source:  Las Vegas Optic
Monday, 29 November 1999 17:00

David Thomas

A Mora couple faces two felony charges each after allegedly stealing a white handicap van from the Mora Independent School District last weekend and spray painting it black. 

DP Road construction enters new phase
Source:  LaMonitor
Monday, 29 November 1999 17:00

Trench digging for utilities is due to start on DP Road this week.

A developer building two apartment complexes on DP Road assured business owners last week that they, their customers and their delivery people will still be able to access their businesses while construction entered a more complicated phase this week.
The developer, Ohio-based Bethel Development, is building an affordable housing complex next to a county fire station on DP Road.
Almost directly across from it, Bethel is building a complex for senior citizens.
While the actual construction projects won’t be interfering with traffic, workers will be digging trenches in the road for utilities starting this week. County officials said this could create a bottleneck type of situation for motorists traveling the road.
However, Bethel President Daniel Terlecki and county officials assured the DP Road business owners last week that they are going to try and make traveling the road as easy and convenient as possible.
The overall plan is to keep a 12-foot wide corridor, wide enough for trucks to get through, open at all times during business hours.
After business hours, Terlecki said both lanes will be open on the two-lane road with the help of covering placed over the trenches.

Police to ramp up speeding patrols
Source:  LaMonitor
Monday, 29 November 1999 17:00

Los Alamos Police Department Cpl. David Boe conducts speed enforcement near the golf course.

Coming to a neighborhood near you — the Los Alamos County Police Department.
Commander Oliver Morris told the Transportation Board Thursday that due to the number of complaints they’ve been getting, they are going to start monitoring the county’s neighborhoods more frequently for speeders. While monitoring Trinity Drive, Diamond Drive in Los Alamos and N.M. 4 in White Rock will continue to be a priority, Morris said his officers are also going to spend more time patrolling the neighborhoods as well.
“I’m going to tell my officers they are going to have to report how many hours they are spending in neighborhoods in their reports,” Morris said.
At least one Western Area resident at the Thursday meeting said speeders in his neighborhood are out of control.
“Every day of every week there are multiple speeders that drive that road at a very high rate of speed,” resident Paul Dabney said. “Usual speeders are going to work or coming home from work.”
Dabney said the reason is that the police presence isn’t there. When the buses were present, they would make sure speeders weren’t driving past the buses, he said.

DOE officials say land clear of radioactive contamination
Source:  LaMonitor
Monday, 29 November 1999 17:00

According to officials at the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management Field Office in Los Alamos, a parcel of land on DP Road next to a parcel where radioactive waste was found remains clear.
DOE-EM Los Alamos Chief David Nickless made the remarks at a meeting last week to people who own businesses along DP Road.
He said DOE’s waste cleanup contractor, N3B, has been probing parcel A-8-B for waste, but so far the contractor has not found any.
“N3B has been working out at A-8-B parcel, trenching has gone really well,” Nickless said. “They are 90% complete. They haven’t found any of the types of debris materials discovered at A-8-A and A-116-A.”
Items N3B did discover, though, included fragments of a clay sewage pipe and household items.
From February through June, contractors hired by the county to build utility infrastructure for two apartment complexes being built on DP Road kept finding pockets of radioactive and toxic debris in areas where they were installing a sewer pipe.
Los Alamos County Public Works Director Philo Shelton told the business people the DOE has made the area safe for workers, allowing construction on the pipe and utility infrastructure to continue. However, debris does remain at the site.

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